All in One Breakfast Casserole

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This is such a handy recipe as it can be made the day before and kept in the fridge overnight and then baked before serving. It is great for potlucks or large breakfast or brunch gatherings.

All in One Make Ahead Breakfast CasseroleWith seven kids, making breakfast can be an ordeal. On weekdays, the kids fend for themselves most of the time with cereal, toast, eggs, or oatmeal. On the weekends, I like to make at least one family sit-down breakfast and making crepes or pancakes or waffles for 9 or more people usually takes too much time so I have several alternatives that make things much easier for me. This breakfast casserole is one of the tricks in my time-saving toolbox!

I can whip this up quickly on a Sunday morning, pop it in the oven, go up and take a shower and by the time we’re ready to eat, breakfast is waiting for us or I can make it the night before and then it’s ready to bake in the morning.

It has all the bases covered as far as the food groups go, so it really is an all-in-one dish. This recipe is also very forgiving so if you are missing an ingredient, it is easy to substitute. I change up the type of meat, cheese and vegetables that I include depending on what I have in the house and it still turns out every time.

All in One Breakfast Casserole Recipe:

1 French loaf, cubed
2 cups diced, cooked ham or sausage
2 cups grated cheddar cheese
1/2 cup minced onion
1/2 cup green or red pepper
8 eggs
3 cups milk
1/2 tsp. dry mustard
1 Tbsp. Worcestershire sauce
dash of hot sauce
salt, pepper
sliced green onions

Combine bread cubes, meat, cheese, onions, and peppers and put into a greased 9×13 casserole dish.

Whisk together the egg, milk and seasonings. Pour over the bread mixture already in the casserole dish. If making ahead, cover and chill in the fridge overnight.

Bake at 350°, covered for 1 hour.

Make Ahead Breakfast Casserole

As easy as that, your breakfast meal is ready to serve! I hope you enjoy!

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Books that Encourage

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No matter where you are in your life right now, whether you are going through a hard time right now or in a good space, reading the right books can uplift, encourage, inspire, motivate, and even transform.

Books That EncourageThese books are ones that can minister to a weary heart and bring comfort on hard days. I have found encouragement from some of these books while others are ones that I have yet to read but friends have recommended them and said that they have been helped and strengthened by them.

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31 Days Towards the Life You Want

Invest in You

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As women, particularly those of us who are moms, we have the tendency to take care of everyone else but not take such good care of ourselves. Even as the author of a self-care book, I am very guilty of this myself! I make lists of everything that needs to get done in a given day, but I forget to put anything that takes care of me on that list.

Invest in YouI have no problem justifying spending money on clothes for my kids or on buying things for their education like books, curriculum and even technology, but I feel guilty spending money on myself. I spend time taking my kids to appointments, several each week in fact, but haven’t been to a dentist for myself in over five years or a doctor in about two. I am obviously not the poster mom for self-care!

I have, however, begun over the past two years to make baby steps in the right direction and am finding that it is absolutely true that when you take better care of yourself, you have so much more to give to others. I will now buy myself clothes when mine are falling apart or no longer fit. I get my hair done (which is a double self-care tactic for me because it is a close friend from out of town who comes to do my hair at my house every few months so I get to have a great visit with a friend plus feel better about how I look!); I take time off from the kids; I spend more time with friends; I am more conscious of what energizes me and spend more time doing that.

I recently bought myself a FitBit and thanks to that, am drinking more water, moving more, eating healthier, and losing weight! That has made a big difference to my overall energy level.

So as a reforming self-care-failure, I encourage you to invest in yourself.

  • Take time for you. Put yourself on the calendar. Literally.
  • Take care of your body. Exercise. Eat healthy. Drink more water.
  • Be willing to spend money on yourself. Invest in training or education to further you towards your goals whether those be career goals, parenting goals, relationship goals, or personal goals.
  • Invest in some new clothes that make you feel confident. Don’t spend money you don’t have because of course debt will just cause more stress, but you can still create a new wardrobe for very little money with a bit of  creativity. Trade clothing items with a friend. Shop at a thrift store. Sell your old clothes at a consignment store and re-invest the money into new clothing.
  • Spend time with people who encourage you and bring out the best in you.
  • Do what energizes you.
  • Relax. Take a bath. Read a book. Sip tea. Watch a sunset.
  • Protect your time. Learn to say no and simplify.
  • Take time away from your everyday obligations.
  • Unplug. Whether it be one day a week or one evening a week, step back from all technology and get a break from the constant barrage of e-mails and digital requests.
  • Spend quiet time in prayer.
  • Ask for help. No one can do it all.

Invest in you. You are worth it!

31 Days Towards the Life You Want

Join me this month as I share ways to help you move towards the life you want to live. Join me in the challenge. Ready to jump off the cliff?

Who Will You Surround Yourself With?

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The people around you, your friends, your coworkers, your family, your neighbours, and even your kids impact many parts of your life. Their hardships and their joys affect you. Their attitude, their disposition, their communication style, and so much more all play into how you relate not only to them but to the world. We cannot help but be changed by what we are surrounded with.

Who Will You Surround Yourself With?It will likely come as no surprise to you that if you are constantly around criticism and negativity, you will begin to feel more negative yourself. I find that even if I am watching a TV series where there is bad language or a lot of negativity, I feel myself becoming more cynical or catch myself thinking words that aren’t usually even in my vocabulary.

There are times and seasons for all kinds of relationships in our lives. I am not suggesting that you get rid of every friend who is negative or pulls you down. There are those who have supported you in the past who now find themselves in a tough spot and are in need of your support. That is the natural give and take of relationships and should not be confused with a toxic relationship. A toxic relationship is one that sucks the joy out of you, that is unhealthy in its balance (more take than give) and brings out the worst in you.

I am, however, suggesting that you examine who you are spending the most time with and how that may be impacting you. If you are being sucked in to negativity, gossip, hopelessness, or greed, it may be time to examine if the perks of that particular relationship outweigh the drawbacks. Take into account the entire length of the friendship though so that you can decide whether this person is just currently going through a hard time and will likely bounce back or if that is who they truly are.

Take time to consider who the cheerleaders are in your life. Who is there to support you, to encourage you, to bring out your best self? Who has always believed in you? Who makes you feel like you can conquer the world? Make more time in your life for those people. Ensure that you thank them for the impact they have made in your life and appreciate what they add to your world. Be there for them.

I know who my cheerleaders are and I couldn’t do what I do without them.

What about the relationships that are unhealthy, perhaps even toxic and you can’t escape them because they are your family? Though we do not get to choose our family, we can choose the amount of time we spend with them, what influence they will have over us (to some extent), the weight that we allow their words or actions to have in our life, and the boundaries that we put in place surrounding those relationships. There are situations when you may even have to sever ties with family members or put restrictions in place to protect yourself. That is a painful position to be put in and not something to be taken lightly. Sometimes friends can become chosen family when family is not healthy enough to be there.

If you are reading this today and realizing that you need to make some hard choices, I am so sorry for what has brought you to this place. I know that connections with people are complicated and layered and that it isn’t as easy as just moving on with your life and forgetting about those connections. I pray that whatever relationships you may have that are toxic and causing stress for you, you are either able to heal through forgiveness or that you are able to be confident enough in who you are and what you can be that you can make a new beginning without someone that because of their own hurts or insecurities feels the need to tear you down. You are strong and can do this.

31 Days Towards the Life You WantJoin me this month as I share ways to help you move towards the life you want to live. Join me in the challenge. Ready to jump off the cliff?